Glimpse of Navratri Celebrations at Ashram

27 Sep

Enjoy the full recording on navratri website.

Connecting Back to Organic

26 Jul

We have a beautiful organic garden that is carefully tended in our Canada ashram as part of a project called “Deepening roots”.
Gurudev visited the gardens yesterday. organic farming can give such fantastic yields. it is time to educate ourselves and make the switch from GM foods.

I was recently reading about the impact of genetically modified food on our health and the research is alarming. Prabhakar Ji was explaining it in very simple terms saying, “When one tries to introduce a gene from a frog or fish into a tomato and give it to people without testing the long term effects, warning bells should be ringing loud and clear.”

environmental sustainability

I strongly feel we should increase our awareness about it.

GM crops are supposed to help the farmers, but end up making them more dependant on the MNC’s producing the seeds for them.

While children and babies consuming GM foods ( several ready baby foods etc) are attaining physical maturity faster, research has show that cattle fed on the feed made from BT Cotton seed became sterile. This impact could possibly be felt in people consuming their dairy products over a period of time.

Besides the problems of new food allergies in humans who eat GM foods, the potential downside is that organisms in the ecosystem could be harmed. By removing one pest that feeds on the crop, you could be removing a food source for an animal. Sometimes GM crops have proven toxic to an organism in the environment, leading to reduced numbers or even extinction of that organism.

37 million bees lost their lives in Canada after a large GMO crop planting. Being the most important food pollinators, scientists were forced to research and identify the cause which eventually turned to be the increased use of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. They play a major role in Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the ongoing demise of honeybee colonies.
Nearly a third of the world’s food crops are pollinated by bees. Apples, mangoes, coffee, cucumber, cabbage, watermelon, flax, sunflower are all examples of foods we would not have without bees!

It is really time for us to wake up and bring a drastic change in our lifestyle and food habits. We have to consciously move towards organic food and actively educate and support our farmers to make a u-turn and return to natural chemical-free healthy farming methodologies. When we are aware, and the demand for organic food increases, the market will naturally encourage farmers to produce using organic methods. Let us do this in the interest of our own health, our families and to protect our environment from large scale depletion.

Guru Purnima Quotes Collection

7 Jul

9 Benefits of Meditation

25 May

sahaj samadhi meditation

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation benefits the the practitioner in following ways;

  1. Reduces pain and enhances body immune system.
  2. Reduces feeling of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion.
  3. Increases blood flow and reduces heart rate.
  4. Provides sense of calm, peace and balance.
  5. Helps reverse heart disease.
  6. Helps control thoughts.
  7. Increases energy.
  8. Reduces stress.
  9. Keeps you happy.

Meditate and live a holistic healthy life.

Story with a Knowledge

25 Apr

Kabira was raised in the family of a Muslim carpet weaver in Benares. Though the cultures were very different, Kabira had a deep affinity for Rama and wanted to learn the Rama mantra. He knew that only a guru can uplift you, the experience of the Self could come only with the grace of the Master.So he sought a guru. He went to the ashram of Sri RamanandJi. However he was sent away due to differences in his background and culture. When water comes from a shankha (conch) it is teertha ( holy water) – a sanctity is created. If you take someone as a devotee you are responsible for them here and hereafter. So they were very selective in the olden days about the qualification of the seekers. Ramanandji were very compassionate. So the disciples sent people away knowing this. Kabira left the ashram feeling very broken-hearted. He went to the ghats by the bank of Ganga in this state. It was nightfall soon and Kabira simply laid down on the steps of the ghat in tears. ‘Rama, I thought I was born only for you! But I haven’t even been able to receive diksha of your name!”In the ashram, when Ramanandji went to rest, in his dreams he saw Rama turning away from him at his doorstep. Lakshmana says, “everyday we come here. why are you not coming today? Rama says, ” I do not go to places where my devotees are ill treated.” Shaken by the dream experience Ramanandji immediately enquired from his students. They told him that there was no one of repute who had come by that day. “The only one was Kabira who wanted initiation from you. We sent him away because you would have initiated him and society would have never accepted it.”
RamanandJi left saying, “I am going out of the ashram now. I am going to find Kabira and initiate him in front of all in the morning. Let society say what it wants.” He then walked towards the Ganga. It was night time and with every step he took Rama’s name. Walking along the ghats at one point he stepped on Kabira who was sleeping on the ghat. Realizing that he stepped on somebody he exclaims”Siya Ram!!” Kabira jumps up in joy saying,” I am so fortunate! Not only did I get the mantra but also charan sparsh ( touched by the feet) of my guru!”

From that moment on Kabira has sung so many songs. When someone came to buy a carpet from him and asked him for the price, he sang saying this carpet is priceless because I have woven Rama’s name with every thread!

“When I ran behind Rama, he was running away from me. But when I stopped, he ran after me.” When the mind is running here and there, scattered, the divinity eludes you. When your mind is still, you are established in the Self, then you experience divinity in every particle of creation.
Every saint emphasizes on the importance of presence of the Master in our life. Only the Master can uplift you. ‘Guru bina gati nahin’

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